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Opening hours

Build-up: 14 -25 February 2024  (08:00 – 21:00 CET)

Event: 26 – 28 February  2024 (07:00 – 19:00 CET)
29 February 2024 (07:30 – 21:00 CET)

Dismantling: 01-05 March 2024 (07:30 – 18:00 CET)


Exhibitor Care
+34 93 233 4900
General Enquiries
+34 93 233 2000


Online Support Chat


Which services can be requested onsite?

New orders

You can order the following products and services via Fira Store (MWC / 4YFN) (subject to availability):

  • Internet Services
  • Electricity
  • Audiovisual
  • Cleaning and Waste
  • Furniture & Floral decoration
  • Event Staff
  • Complements for your stand
  • Catering

Order Queries

If you have any question or query regarding a service or product ordered through Servifira please let us know through “Contact Us” section of this website.

In order to best prepare your booth, please take a minute to read the below recommendations:

  • – Last minute extra orders will be delivered from 24th to 25th February.
  • – Once you get all your electrical devices connected please do not forget to switch on your power box.
  • – The basic cleaning included in your Exhibition Stand Plus Package – the carpet plastic removal and furniture plastic removal -will be done on the night of Saturday 24th February.
  • – If you have ordered any extra AV equipment it will be delivered to the booth on Sunday 25th February. A signature for receiving the goods will be required so it is mandatory that someone is at the booth for its reception. Please be aware that if no one is at the booth the AV equipment will not be delivered and a reminder note will be left in the booth with a contact phone number – please “Contact Us” to arrange a new appointment.
  • – Once you get all your water and sink devices installed, please “Contact Us” to send an operator and do the water connection.
  • – If you have a water pipe but still need a Special Sink Connection, please “Contact Us
  • – If you have a Sink package, please “Contact Us”once your kitchen is ready in order to install the corresponding sink.
  • – Should you be missing any furniture included in your stand package, please “Contact Us
  • – For security reasons: Do not leave any valuable items unattended starting Thursday 29th February at 16:00h

Key Collection

Key Collection Information

Keys for the following meeting rooms can be collected from: Saturday 24 February 2024 MR (Meeting Room) & MR+ (Meeting Room Plus) packages – Please go to the Exhibitor Care Help Desk located in the South Entrance (Level -1)

For Premium Executive Meeting Rooms and Executive Meeting Rooms please go directly to the reception desks where you have your meeting room:
  • Premium Executive Meeting Rooms
    •    Hall 3
  • Executive Meeting Rooms:
    •    Hall 2.1 (Upper Walkway)
    •    Hall 7
  • Congress Square Meeting Rooms
    •    Congress Square (Under Walkway)
  • Gastrofira - Catering

    All food or beverage provided to visitors must come through an official catering company. The official catering companies all comply with the new Covid-19 health and safety protocols and food hygiene legislation, passing strict quality controls.

    Gastrofira Catering Tel:+34 932332000
    Menu Options: Fira Store (MWC / 4YFN)

    • Please contact your preferred official supplier directly for more information and to arrange bespoke orders. For more information please click here

    Cleaning & waste

    Official supplier: Fira Store (MWC / 4YFN)

    Servifira’s professional and friendly cleaning staff is at your full disposal to provide any service you might need before, during and after the show so that you can just concentrate on what really matters! Some of their services include:

    • – Cleaning and waste removal during build-up and dismantling
    • – Cleaning on the last day of the assembly period to make sure your booth is spotless before the opening of the show
    • – Daily cleaning
    • – Daily or one-time waste removal
    • – Customer-tailored cleaning to suit all kind of needs
    • – Frequent cleaning and disinfection of the stand, all frequently used surface and products on display. Our personnel will remain at your stand from 9:00 to 20:00h

    Should you need to order containers & skips for your waste management please click here.

    For more information click here.

    Lead Retrieval

    Lead Retrieval by Fira Barcelona allows you to quickly gather relevant details from visitors by scanning their badge as well as expanding the information with the use of practical additional features. For more information please visit Fira Store (MWC / 4YFN) or contact us by or 

    +34 93 233 2773

    • Please remember to download the APP on your own phone or plan your device rental schedule with the LR Team. You can find us onsite on the South Access, Exhibitor’s Service Desk -1. 
    • If you need to purchase more licenses and/or devices please do so onsite on the the nearest exhibitor’s service desk.

    Late work request

    Contractors have the opportunity to apply for late working during build-up and dismantling. 

    If you want to order this service please contact us or one of the above channels indicating by 15:00 on the day of the intended late working.


    For more information click here (MWC / 4YFN)

    Vehicle access & car park

    Fira Gran Via venue has parking spaces available. The price for a parking space is €3,60 per hour (€0.06 per minute) but if you prefer to book a space for the four days that the event lasts (not including the weekend before the event) the price is €195

    • The parking spaces will be sold online (MWC / 4YFN) and onsite at the Exhibitor Care Help Desk located in the South Entrance (Level -1) from Wednesday February 14th, 2024.

      The parking is located within the venue. Only car park B is available. Please note 2,00m height restrictions (maximum headroom) apply to these parking spaces.

    Payments & Admin

    Should you require assistance with invoices, payments or need a change in the invoicing details. Please “Contact” our Exhibitor Care team directly with your query.

    Lost & Found

    The Fira Exhibitor Care desk located inside of the venue in the South Entrance, Level -1 will house the Lost & Found coordination desk. Should you discover or be given a ‘lost item please return it to one of the following areas:


    · The lost & found desk inside the police station, south entrance, Level 1 is for passports and documents only


    · Fira Exhibitor Care Desk, South Entrance, Level -1


    For Lost & Found information you can contact

    Contractor Accreditation

    Access during build-up and dismantling as part of GSMA’s Committed Community, the MWC Barcelona 2024 & 4YFN 2024 multi-layered safety approach, all contractors and suppliers must use the ‘Digital Contractor Pass’ or the ‘Digital Badge’ to access the venue during build-up and dismantling. This means that wristbands will no longer be provided as a means of access.

    For more information please click here “MWC / 4YFN ”.

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